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Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Upcoming Trend

As we are coming to the last 2 weeks of January, have you  been keeping up with this year upcoming theme?

Images credit to Tip Top Lifestyle

Yup, this it is !

With the heat from last year on decluttering, where the main influence is from Marie Kondo's decluttering technique from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, this ‘Less is More’ theme will continue to be the talk of the town, not only in fashion, but also in wellness and a way of life.

Why going minimal?
With advancement of technology, we are being overwhelmed with information and through decluttering, break down and re-organized, we will be able to see through what’s most important to us. We prioritize those needs and reducing the ‘waste’ that it has been with us, where it further reduces the stuffiness around us. This is one of the tangible examples of going minimal in living.

In fashion, minimalism is going clean and simple, ie lesser prints, clean lines and not too excessive. With this minimalism concept, it streamlines your wardrobe selection, reducing unwanted time ransacking your closet just to pick out that one outfit. Instead, the time saved giving you extra time to focus on what’s more important to you and goes beyond the look.

On a wider perspective, going minimal is also about reducing waste, leading us to be more conscious about our surrounding, including the food we eat, the clothes materials we wear, the things we have etc. This resonates with the trend where fashion designers and companies have been shifting focus to a greener practices (Eg, H&M’s Organic Cotton; ASOS’s ecoedit), which they are more concern not only the design of it but also the materials, the by-product/carbon footprint and the one who mde it.

Check out the last 2 lookbook on Minimalism (Burgundy White and Navy Silver Grey) that we have suggested for you!

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